Young Guns  (1988)

IMDB Rating 7.6/10 107 min - Rated 18 Western | Action

Stars:            Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland, Lu Diamond Director:      Christopher Cain

British ranch owner John Tunstall (Stamp) hires six young men to help him tend and guard his ranch. In addition he also teaches them to read and to be civilized. When Tunstall refuses to sell his land to corrupt and ruthless ranch owner Lawrence Murphy (Palance), he is brutally murdered by Murphy's men. The six 'young guns' are then made lawmen named the Regulators, and have sworn to bring the murderers to justice. But, one of their number, William H. Bonney, later Billy the Kid (Estevez), has his own plans for the men who killed their father-figure — gun them down, one by one. Due to Billy's actions, the Regulators are soon branded outlaws, wanted dead or alive.  This oft-repeated tale of Billy the Kid has been adapted in every era to suit the climate and audiences of the time. Since the first full-scale screen version, King Vidor's Billy The Kid (1930), there have been dozens of features, the notorious young outlaw being played by, among others, Robert Taylor (30), Paul Newman (32) and Kris Kristofferson (37). Christopher Cain's good-humoured 'modern' take on the story — the dialogue contains expressions like 'kiss my ass' — certainly appealed to young audiences, followers of the Brat Pack, with Emilio Estevez (26) and the others closer to the right age of the outlaws, and provides Jack Palance for those older spectators who prefer the more classical westerns. Tom Cruise has an unbilled cameo as a bad guy who gets shot. A sequel, Young Guns II (1990) was inevitable.


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