True Grit  (2010)

IMDB Rating 7.7/10                        110 min - Rated 15               Western | Adventure

Stars:            Jeff Bridges,  Matt Damon,  Hailee Steinfeld     Directors:    Ethan Coen,  Joel Coen

Rooster Cogburn (Wayne), a hulking, one-eyed, drunken, cantankerous old US marshal, is hired by 14­year-old Mattie Ross (Darby) to find Tom Chaney (Corey), who killed her father. The headstrong Mattie has selected the ageing Cogburn because she believed he had 'true grit'. Also heading into Indian territory in search of Chaney is Texas Ranger La Boeuf (Campbell), who wants to collect the reward placed on the fugitive's head for his earlier crimes. With him are three ruthless villains, Ned Pepper (Duvall), Quincy (Slate) and Moon (Hopper), who put both the lives of Cogburn and Mattie in danger.  'If I'd known, I'd have put the eye-patch on 35 years earlier,' the 62-year-old John Wayne quipped on receiving his first Best Actor Oscar for his 139th film. The award was not only long overdue but fully merited. What Wayne manages to do is create an ageing, uncouth, mean-tempered man, undoubtedly brave who, under the boorish exterior conceals a tender heart without lapsing into mawkishness. The straight-shooting film, directed with supreme expertise by the 71-year-old Henry Hathaway, who had directed Wayne several times previously, had the refreshing presence of newcomer Kim Darby. In 1975, Wayne repeated his True Grit characterization opposite Katharine Hepburn in Rooster Cogburn, but the film failed to match its predecessor.


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