Troy  (2004)

IMDB Rating 7.5/10  163 min - Rated 15 Action | Drama

Stars:            Brad Pitt,  Eric Bana,  Orlando Bloom            Director:      Wolfgang Peterson

1193 B.C., Paris (Bloom) a prince of Troy woos Helen Queen of Sparta, from her husband, Menelaus, setting the Kingdoms of Mycenae and Greece at war with Troy. The Greeks sail to Troy and lay siege. Achilles (Pitt), the greatest hero among the Greeks meets Hector (Bana), the eldest son of Priam, King of Troy in the ensuing battles.  It’s not that often that one finds a Hollywood movie that has Homer given a writing credit but Wolfgang Peterson’s Troy confirmed that, after Gladiator, Hollywood trusted the newly revitalised ‘ancient epic’ genre to pull in the crowds: the ‘swords and sandals’ spectaculars of yore were reborn as ‘toga and pixels’ mega-bucks productions. But among all the mythical action, there’s a curious absence at the heart of Troy.  For while Achilles et al. were the original warrior super-heroes, they were the  playthings of capricious gods and monsters, alive to a world of myth and legend in which they fully believed. Yet Peterson, for all the miraculous CGI effects at his disposal, modestly balked at the prospect of bringing the Greek gods to the big screen, suspicious that modern audiences would find them laughably unbelievable. A strange but telling failure of nerve which leaves spectacular options open for other, more ambitious directors.