What is Traffic Monsoon?                   How Do You Make Money?                   How Can I Join?

How do you earn from Shared Revenue

Only 1 of the services Traffic Monsoon offer include a revenue sharing position and that is with the purchase of an Ad Pack.  We do not sell "shares." We only sell advertising services. It's from the sales of all these services that we are able to share in the revenues.

When members purchase a service from Traffic Monsoon, the revenues from that purchase are held by the company. You can then qualify to receive a share of the profits. Naturally there is a cost associated with providing these services, so with each service that Traffic Monsoon provides generates a profit margin. They then share those profits with you!

When you purchase an Ad Pack combo advertising campaign for $50, you'll receive 20 clicks to your banner (which you will learn how to create when you join and is VERY easy and literally takes 1 minute to setup), 1,000 traffic exchange credits, and a Revenue Sharing position daily, provided that you have surfed (watched) 10 ads when you login to your dashboard every 24 hours as seen below:

When you click a minimum of 10 ads in the traffic exchange and remain on the websites for 20 seconds each, you will then qualify yourself for 24 hours, to share in the site profits.

As long as you are qualified every day by doing this, each sharing position you receive with your Ad Pack Combo purchase will continue to share in revenues of up to ** $55.00 after 55 days which essentially earns you a 10% profit total of $5 similar to a COMPOUNDING effect except its off product purchases not investments.  

So you would potentially earn up to $1 a day for every ACTIVE Ad Pack you have and then after 55 days that Ad Pack will expire.  

It will literally take less than 5 minutes out of your day to complete this very important step.  If you don't believe me I have recorded a short video showing you just how QUICK & EASY it is to do :)


So the goal here is to keep INCREASING your Ad Packs so that over time you can start drawing an income or wage from this Business. There are many members who are continuously building their Traffic Monsoon Business and are currently on 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000+ Active Ad Packs a day: 
For Example to understand what that means for you?:
x100 Active Ad Packs @ $1USD a day = up to $100USD per day = approx $700USD earned per week **
x500 Active Ad Packs @ $1USD a day = up to $500USD per day = approx $3500USD earned per week and so on.... **

However if you kept repurchasing more Ad Packs with every $50 you earned back as profit and continuously kept repurchasing them again and again until they eventually expired OR (Optional) you can keep purchasing more Ad Packs with your own money, or your Referrals commissions (which you will learn about in the Affiliate Program next). You will then find that over time your Ad Packs will increase more and more after 30, 60, 90+ days.  So your Ad Pack total will grow so much higher over time depending on how much you want to keep putting back into it to build it and also whilst AdPacks are expiring after 55 days.  If you follow this system you will generate a higher Ad Pack rate as time goes by and very quickly too if you implement all the steps required to reach your goals.

So how do i create an income from this?

So the strategy and importance of YOU building your Traffic Monsoon Business to more Ad packs per day is this:
Obviously.. the MORE ACTIVE Ad Packs you have per day = MORE daily EARNINGS for you EVERYDAY because every AdPack is worth $1USD a day and they EXPIRE after 55days and you earn an extra $5 profit.
So long as you are still trying to repurchase as many AdPacks in between with the profit you accumulate every day, then it will be ok to withdraw funds for yourself as income because every month your Business will keep growing!!  Different members do it different ways. But here are a few scenarios of how you could pay yourself an income once you are earning off a decent amount of AdPacks per day.

* Mr A is the Stable Builder and has reached 300 AdPacks a day.  This earns him now approximately $300USD a day.  His account balance will accrue up to $300 a day everyday for a week so by the end of the week if he let it build up he should have approximately $2100USD.  Mr A prefers to pay himself EVERY SATURDAY and SUNDAY into his Paypal account as his income/wage.   So from Monday through to Friday EVERYDAY he will use his daily $300 profit and repurchase 6 AdPacks a day = 30 AdPacks a week/120 AdPacks a month because ultimately he wants to keep building his Business so that he can reach an even HIGHER daily AdPack Rate every month.  Then on Saturday and Sunday his x2 $300 profits = $600 he will transfer to his Paypal Account as income.   Paying himself 2 out of 7 days with the daily profit, will still help increase and stabilize his Traffic Monsoon Business to keep generating more Adpacks as well as income for himself every week.

*Mr B is the Serious Builder and is also on 300 AdPacks a day and generates the same Daily and Weekly Earnings as Mr A however he prefers to pay himself only 1 out of 7 days.  So Monday through to Saturday Mr B repurchases 6 more AdPacks a day with his daily profits which adds 36 AdPacks a week/144 AdPacks a month.  This means he has 6 AdPacks a week/24 AdPacks MORE a month than Mr A.  Then on Sunday he will pay himself $300USD as his weekly wage.

*Mr C is the Agressive Builder and also earns $300USD on his 300 AdPacks a day however he set himself a goal to not withdraw any of his earnings for the next 120 days = 0 out of 7 days and religiously repurchases Adpacks with ALL his daily earnings EVERYDAY.  So now he adds 42 AdPacks a week/168 AdPacks a month to his business = 6 AdPacks a week/24 AdPacks a month MORE than Mr B and 12 AdPacks a week/48 AdPacks MORE a month than Mr A. It is completely up to Mr C at what stage he would like to start withdrawing funds as income.  He may wait until he's reached 500 packs or 1000? As you can imagine at the rate he is repurchasing he will reach those amounts faster than Mr A or Mr B.


  1. You could be on any amount of AdPacks a day and still follow the same strategies above however I would recommend that you at least commit to 90-120days or wait until you are at 100+ AdPacks a day before you start withdrawing any of your earnings.  This will then put you in the best possible position to increase your AdPack rate by the end of that timeframe to start you at a higher AdPack amount each month.  However this is not compulsory  and these examples are only guidelines to help you grow your business faster.  If you require urgent funds for yourself you can transfer earnings to your Paypal Account at any time and still keep your position as long as you keep repurchasing on other days.  You have full control of your earnings so you can also make PayDay any day you wish.  There is no other middleman or waiting for paychecks to arrive.  Earnings are displayed in your account everyday and keep accruing every hour for 24 hours. You have a choice EVERYDAY to either Repurchase Adpacks OR transfer it to yourself as income.
  2. Obviously if your withdrawals exceed your repurchases then you may face a deficit of AdPacks over the next few weeks/months and if you are not monitoring your expenditure you will eventually end up with a reduced amount of AdPacks in your business as they expire.  However this can also be rectified by implementing the strategies again to rebuild your Business back up at any time.
  3. Remember also that your daily earnings also increase with Affiliate Commissions and Daily CashLinks as well.  Having multiple income streams within Traffic Monsoon will absolutely increase your Business Earnings even MORE.

So you need to ask yourself......... 
What are your income and Adpack Goals?
How fast or slow do you want to build your Business? 
What kind of Successful Builder are you?

Once you understand this BASIC concept you will understand how Powerful this Business is and how much Earning Potential there is for you to Create. Everyones Business is different and everyone applies different strategies to their needs and expectations of what they want FINANCIALLY out of their Traffic Monsoon Business.  The skies the LIMIT!! 

But Guess What?? As an extra incentive you can take your Traffic Monsoon Business to whole new level and reach your goals even FASTER by referring people into the Business.  If you go to the Affiliate Program Link it will explain to you WHY? and HOW :) We are only scratching the surface.....