Titanic  (1997)

IMDB Rating 7.7/10  194 min - Rated 12 Romance | Drama

Stars:            Leonardo DiCaprio,  Kate Winslet,  Billy Zane Director:      James Cameron

A treasure hunter), looking for a diamond in the wreck of the Titanic, discovers in a safe the nude picture of a young woman. After it is shown on television, Rose Dawson, aged 101, comes forward. She, Rose (Winslet), was that young girl on the ship. She was travelling with her mother and a wealthy man (Zane) whom she desperately didn't want to marry. She was about to throw herself over the rails when she was stopped by Jack (DiCaprio), a young man who had won his steerage ticket in a poker game. They fell in love and spent every moment together until the iceberg broke the ship apart. Even then, they determined to stay together.  James Cameron spent $200,000 million and five extra months on perfecting his Titanic. Most people know the story and many of the statistics. His aim, therefore, was to show that this disaster was far more vast and more unbelievable than could be imagined by anyone who hadn't been there. He takes us there: into the state rooms, the dining rooms, the cabins and the engine rooms — first kitted out and decorated as they should be, and then with everything undone by water. Having got the outer scale of this tragedy in place, he tells the inner story through the heartbreak of a third-class boy and a first-class girl.