Three Kings  (1981)

IMDB Rating 7.6/10  114 min - Rated 15 War | Action

Stars:            George Clooney,  Mark Wahlberg,  Ice Cube Director:      David O. Russell

This half funny, half serious and tragic (much more tragic than funny) crazy movie, is definitely one not to be missed. Its ingredients contain besides a lot of action and adventure also a lot of stuff that will make you reflect upon the Persian Gulf War and what was behind it and at stake there. Since the first scenes we see a lot of US troops behaving crazily and tumultuously in their camp and we also witness the work of women TV reporters there, looking like they used to go to bed with officers to be allowed and able to make good reports. Amid all this half crazy universe a major and three other lower rank soldiers decide to use a map found in the body of a dead Iraqi to go searching for Saddam's gold stolen in Kuwait which is hidden in some bunker in the middle of the desert. It goes without saying that they want to keep that gold for themselves. But at this point things begin to get much more complicated that they thought at first and that's where the viewers are confronted with all that is related with that war not only in military but also in political and even humane terms. That's where our bunch of gold chasers become also conscious of those harsh realities.


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