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The Man Who Wasn't There  (2001)

IMDB Rating 7.6/10  116 min - Rated 15 Drama | Crime

Stars:            Billy Bob Thornton,  Frances McDormand        Directors:    Joel Coen,  Ethan Coen

This film by the Coen brothers is a masterpiece by all standards. Once again the Coens have succeeded in doing what they have done in all of their previous movies, making a simple story more interesting than you could ever imagine possible!  Billy Bob Thornton adds to the noir atmosphere with his superb emotionless portrayal of the barber (of the title) Ed Crane. Essays could be written just on the way he smokes his cigarette! Of course the Coens have recalled other faces from their little black book of actors-we'll-use-again-in-some-small-part. Jon Polito is truly very annoying (in a good way) in his role as someone trying to sell a dry cleaning idea to Thornton (and you never thought dry cleaning could be interesting?). Whereas Tony Shalhoub is a humorous addition as the ridiculously confusing attorney. How can we also forget Mrs Joel Coen, aka Frances McDormand. As Thorntons wife she excels and towards the end shows real emotion and acting prowess as seen previously in Fargo and Blood Simple.  The fact that this film was shot in black and white is a first for the Coens and adds a 1940's atmosphere that no color film could do.  Overall, this film is an example of what film should be.