Terminator  (1984)

IMDB Rating 8.1/10  107 min - Rated 15 Sci-Fi | Action

Stars:            Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Linda Hamilton       Director:      James Cameron

A sophisticated android (Schwarzenegger) is sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor (Hamilton). Her only protector is the intense rebel soldier, Reese (Biehn), who followed the Terminator back in time.  Opening in a future scorched by nuclear holocaust, giant robots (or 'Hunter-Killers') pursue the scattered remnants of mankind through the desolate landscape. A subtitle reveals, The machines' war to exterminate mankind has raged for decades', then Brad Fiedel's dramatic score crashes in. So begins James Cameron's far from subtle debut for Cybercline Systems model 101, better known as the Terminator, one of sci-fi's most iconic creations. Although impossible to imagine anyone else in the role, Schwarzenegger wasn't the first choice. Originally Lance Henriksen (who appears as police officer Vukovich, instead) was to play the part, but when Cameron saw the Austrian bodybuilder he was convinced his stature would lend a more intimidating quality to his robotic killing machine. The film launched Schwarzenegger's career and the relentless android became his signature character.  Essentially a series of pursuits and shootouts the film lacks the overblown scale and pomposity of its sequels and stays true to its B-movie roots. This more linear form better suits the clear concept and characters, most of whom have simple motivations and avoid stepping outside their remit. But the film still has an intelligent point to make, its intention to highlight fears of dehumanization and the dangers of our reliance on machines is frighteningly successful.


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