Snatch  (2000)

IMDB Rating 8.3/10  104 min - Rated 18 Crime | Comedy

Stars:            Brad Pitt,  Jason Statham,  Benicio Del Toro Director:      Guy Ritchie

Snatch is a criminally underrated film, partially because superficially it's pretty similar to Lock Stock, Guy Richie's debut. Critics everywhere leaped on it for lack of originality, but in my eyes it's more similar to Tarantino's classic Pulp Fiction than Lock Stock. Everything is here- gangsters, guns, cross-wiring plots and characters, loads of famous faces and a platinum script with top-draw dialogue. There are even more literal links between the two films, such as rigged boxing matches, corpse disposal and something precious causing hassle (in this case an 84 carat stone, in Pulp Fiction a briefcase full of gold).
It's impossible to describe the plot to Snatch in one sentance, but it basically involves a diamond that everyone wants, and a boxing match nobody wants. There's also a fantastic twist at the end, that thankfully nobody has given away. There are some great characters in the film- Turkish and Tommy, the lead characters enjoy loads of dry banter. Brick Top, the lead gangster, is brilliantly malicious "No thanks Turkish... I'm sweet enough". It also boasts one of the best ideas in cinema history- superstar pin-up actor Brad Pitt as an incoherant gypsie with a leather hat. Pitt pretty much steals every scene he's in, making even the crackling Cockney dialogue seem dull in comparison.
Sure Snatch isn't all that original, but it's a damn fine movie. There are dozens of funny and catchy one-liners, loads of mouth-watering dialogue, the plot is excellently managed by Richie, and there are some smart directorial tricks thrown in. And the soundtrack is brilliant, fitting the film perfectly. One of the finest films, British otherwise, of recent years, and ranks up there as an unmissable film.