Sleepless in seattle  (1993)

IMDB Rating 7.7/10  105 min - Rated PG Romance | Drama

Stars:            Tom Hanks,  Meg Ryan,  Ross Malinger   Director:      Nora Ephron

Sam (Hanks), a recent young widower, and his son Jonah (Malinger) are still grieving for their wife and mother when they move to Seattle for a fresh start. After a while, Jonah decides Sam is no better and what they need is a new wife and mom. Jonah phones Dr Marcia's national radio talk show, and Sam finds himself on the air baring his soul Millions of women listen in and know they are the answer to Sam's problems — including Annie (Ryan), an engaged journalist in Baltimore. Jonah likes Annie's letter; he feels she's the one, and sets up the ultimate make-or-break meeting.  Often slated as a woman's movie, the comedic performances of Hanks and Ryan, not to mention the cute Jonah, save this feel-good picture from pure schmaltz. The romance flys off in all the wrong directions, as do the protaganists.  However, this is a full-scale, no-holds-barred romantic screwball (which acknowledges An Affair to Remember, 1957) with not just a novel twist at the end but with everything at the end. If you like Meg Ryan, you'll cry your eyes out in the closing scene; if you don't, then you may cry your eyes out for poor little Jonah and Sam.