Shutter Island  (2010)

IMDB Rating 8.1/10  138 min - Rated 15 Thriller | Horror

Stars:            Leonardo DiCaprio,  Emily Mortimer        Director:      Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese returns to film making after winning the academy award for The Departed with his favourite star Leonardo DiCaprio.. This time he move to a completely different script which keeps the audience humored and thrilled from the first scene till the last!   He pays attention to every detail in this film, making Shutter Island one of the best suspense thrillers of all time.  Visually intriguing, simplistic and absolutely phenomenal. The story is kept simplistic enough so it doesn't get absurd, but allows for an ending which you probably won't see coming. The film doesn't go for cheap thrills, so although you will be on the edge of your seat you won't get needlessly scared.  The film uses everything at its disposal from breathtaking scenery, to detailed laid-out shots, and to actors at their finest to completely engross you in the film.  The film is full of flashbacks and haunting dream sequences that range in location from the island itself to the concentration camp at Dachau. The audience is constantly trapped in a world where one questions what is reality and what is dream. Don't miss this one!  Even if you're not a usual fan of the genre, this film has so much more to it.