Se7en  (1995)


IMDB Rating 8.7/10  127 min - Rated 18 Thriller | Crime

Stars:            Morgan Freeman,  Brad Pitt,  Kevin Spacey  Director:      David Fincher

Se7en was a turning point in director David Fincher's career; prior to this he made Alien 3, after this he made Fight Club. In Se7en, Fincher has made a film that is original and stylish, add in Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and a fantastic twist and you have something definitely worth seeing. The plot is diabolically straightforward. Detectives Somerset (Freeman) and Mills (Pitt) are investigating a series of brutal murders where the killer (Spacey) is, quite literally, making the seven sins deadly.  The style of the movie fits the subject; the lighting is dark, often torch lit at the crime scenes, outside the rain is almost constant and the atmosphere is depressing. Pitt and Freeman are convincing as the unlikely partners, the script gives them enough space to stamp their not inconsiderable talents on the roles. Spacey, however, as the killer, runs away with the film as the supremely arrogant and intelligent psycho — his final smile is perfection.  Not for the faint-hearted, Se7en is uncompromising and at times stomach-churning, however the details of the crimes are entirely necessary to balance the simplicity of the plot. The violence is never gratuitous, as with the rest of the film, Fincher displays a delicate, stylish touch which is all the more effective. The pace of the film is brilliantly controlled; the tension rises as the chase heats up, each addition to the body-count raises the bar another level. The end, when it comes, is unexpected, a truly shattering climax to a film that thinks out of its box.