Robocop  (1987)

IMDB Rating 7.5/10  102 min - Rated 18 Sci-Fi | Action

Stars:            Peter Weller,  Nancy Allen,  Dan O'Herlihy     Director:      Paul Verhoeven

In the near future, Detroit is gripped by a crime wave. OCP (a giant corporation now in charge of policing the city) initiates its RoboCop program, a radical new law enforcement concept that will make a cyborg supercop of deceased police officer Alex Murphy (Weller).  Paul Verhoeven's visceral, violent and excellent movie is truly a product of its time. It takes a shot at almost anything that moved in the Reagan 1980s; corporate business practice, a cynical media, vicious yuppies and law enforcement that verges on fascism. The Dutch director's image of America, as an outsider, allows for a more objective view, and with such an uncompromising visual and thematic style, it's no wonder RoboCop comes across as such an aggressive film. Verhoeven's insistence on showing the effect of each bullet makes for a pretty graphic and extreme experience. Probing satire is eschewed in favour of the sledgehammer approach the director made his own in subsequent films like Total Recall and Starship Troopers. In fact, the satire is so extreme it enters the realm of black comedy (the outcome of a hostage negotiation might depend on which brand of stereo the getaway car features, hospital adverts boast of the new 'Yamaha hearts').  RoboCop has been described as, 'fascism for liberals,' a natural extension of the Reaganomics that inspire it. RoboCop is just as much a child of the era as the criminals he pursues, or the sinister corporation that created him. Don't write this one off as an exploitation flick, it's just too good.


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