requiem for dream.jpg

Requiem for a Dream  (2000)

IMDB Rating 8.4/10  102 min - Rated 18 Drama

Stars:            Ellen Burstyn,  Jared Leto,  Jennifer Connelly Director:      Darren Aronofsky

Experimental film making bursts into mainstream in this dramatic tail of four people who find themselves spiraling down the abyss, after experiencing a rendez-vous with the inevitable consequences attributed to drug use and the ill effect it has on its addicts. This one has no happy ending. There's no sugar coating here. Albeit this film packs a harsh, blunt, and sometimes overwhelmingly genuine depiction of the havoc drug addiction can reap on its victims.  A smooth, elaborate and languid progression of cinematic eye candy orchestrated to almost resemble a shockumentary, complemented by an impressive and well composed soundtrack. Some of the visual techniques were similar to the ones Aronofsky used in his directorial debut "Pi", such as split-screen shots and the use of body cameras filmed at varying speeds. At times, the film seems more like an acid trip than a feature film. A cry for help is clearly felt throughout the film, from its innocent and promising start, to its hauntingly chilling conclusion.  The acting performances, especially by both Ellyn Burstyn and Marlon Wayans are simply breakthrough performances that earned critical acclaim across the board.  Watching this movie may cause an uneasy stomach, but is well worth it, you will not be dissappointed.