Pulp Fiction  (1994)

IMDB Rating 9.0/10  154 min - Rated 18 Thriller | Crime

Stars:            John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel Jackson Director:      Quentin Tarantino

Pulp Fiction is a skilful collection of interconnecting stories, with overlapping and interwoven plots, the main characters of which inhabit a world of drugs, crime and damage limitation. The main link in each story is Vincent Vega, brother of Mr Blonde from Reservoir Dogs and played by the once-again-cool John Travolta. Vincent and his partner Jules (Jackson) are killers working for Marcellus Wallace (Rhames); the film tells the story of what happens when simple things like a date, a fixed fight, a diner robbery and returning your boss's dirty laundry do not go according to plan.  There are so many aspects of Pulp Fiction that are worthy of praise. The screenplay is incredibly tight and makes it a pleasure to watch the varied stories unfold. The all-star cast is notable for including perennial favourites Keitel and Walken, bringing Thurman and Jackson into the mainstream and reinvigorating the careers of Travolta and Willis. The result is some memorable performances not only due to the interesting mix of stars but, more importantly, because of the cracking dialogue. The writing is extravagant and clever; each character has a distinct personal style which leads to some wonderful scenes, with engaging dialogue that is included not to advance the plot, but simply to entertain.  Tarantino apparently worked in a video shop and was inspired to write Pulp Fiction by his love of old films. Most viewers will not understand all of the obscure references or get the nods to cult movies and you don't need to. Pulp Fiction stands apart as a fantastic film in its own right —quirky, funny and with (literally) heart-stopping moments.