Pretty Woman  (1990)

IMDB Rating 7.6/10  119 min - Rated 15 Romance | Comedy

Stars:            Richard Gere,  Julia Roberts,                    Director:      Garry Marshall

Out-of-towner Edward Lewis (Gere) is a ruthless, high-powered young businessman. While driving down Sunset Boulevard, he decides to pick up a prostitute — Vivian (Roberts). After a night with Viv, he asks her to stay on at his hotel: he enjoys her company and he needs a partner for social events. He gives her money to get some 'decent' clothes, but the fashion stores ignore her. However, Barney (Elizondo), the hotel manager, comes to her aid and soon she's lookin' good.' After a delightful week of events and togetherness which is full of surprises for both, commitment-phobe Edward pays Viv off — and then finds he misses her badly. Even his ruthlessness has softened since knowing her. But can he find her, and will she have him?  Pretty Woman tells of a callous man played by a mega-sex­symbol who hires a hooker — for a week! — and then dumps her, and yet it's no more licentious or vicious than a warm, Cinderella fairy-tale (without the wicked step-family). Yet, at the same time, in Garry Marshall's hands, there's a completely straightforward element to their business dealings that merely makes them all the more accessible and friendly. Romance seldom comes in as good a package.