Platoon  (1986)

IMDB Rating 8.2/10  120 min - Rated 15 War | Drama

Stars:            Charlie Sheen,  Tom Berenger,  Willem Defoe Director:      Oliver Stone

In Vietnam, Chris (Sheen), a raw recruit, or 'new meat', at first wonders whether he'll ever be able to survive in the jungle conditions. But he gradually adapts and, as time goes by, begins to see that the platoon is divided into two groups. On the one side is the evil, literally, battle-scarred vet Sergeant Barnes (Berenger), who believes in total war, and on the other is the good, battle-weary veteran Sergeant Elias (Dafoe), who believes in compassion and humanity. Both struggle in the words of young Chris 'for possession of my soul'.  After a lull of seven years since Apocalypse Now, the last serious film to depict the Vietnam war directly, Platoon forcefully returned the war to the Hollywood agenda. It slammed the spectator with spectacular sights and sounds, portraying the mindless jingoism, the brutality, the torture and killing of Vietnamese peasants, and the dependency on booze and drugs of the average American soldier or 'grunt'. This is counterbalanced by the use of Samuel Barber's 'Adagio for Strings' on the soundtrack. Loosely autobiographical, the hell of Vietnam is made more real by Stone's own vivid memories of his time in Vietnam. Shot in the Philippines in 54 days, on a low budget, it grossed over $127.5 million.


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