The Matrix  (1999)

IMDB Rating 8.7/10  136 min - Rated 15 Sci-Fi | Action

Stars:            Keanu Reeves,  Laurence Fishburne                   Directors:    The Wachowski Brothers

A computer hacker, Anderson (Reeves), discovers mankind is actually held captive by alien machines who feed us an artificial, computer created perception of reality while draining the electrical current produced by our brains.  Some of the pseudo-religous concepts and philosophy contained within The Matrix may seem slightly misjudged, the excessive product placement is a valid gripe and the dreadful sequels have undoubtedly tainted the film's reputation — but none of that matters. In The Matrix, writer-director brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski created the most original and exciting action movie since The Terminator.  Setting the film in a world where the miles of physics can be bent, or even broken, allows not only for spectacular visual effects, (most obviously the much lauded 'bullet-time' which allows the camera to move around an object in three dimensions — and slow motion), but imaginative, computer game-like scenarios impossible in any normal environment. The highlight for any true action fan isn't the revolutionary photographic technique, but the moment Neo (Anderson's alter-ego) requests quite simply, 'Guns, lots of guns', allowing him and Trinity (Moss) to march into the reception hall of the machines' HQ and start one of the most excessive and balletic gunfights in modern film  While the plot doesn't quite stand up to close scrutiny, (can each human mind really generate enough electricity to run the huge human storage halls and growing fields as well as the matrix itself, while leaving enough over to be worth harvesting?), the film is at least stretching its legs on the huge running track of possibility afforded by its flawed concept


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