Lost in Translation  (2003)

IMDB Rating 7.8/10  101 min - Rated 15 Romance | Drama

Stars:           Bill Murray,  Scarlett Johansson         Director:      Sofia Coppola

Bob Harris (Murray) is a world-weary, past-his-prime actor who is in Tokyo to make whisky ads. He despises the job but is doing it for the money ($2 million) and to get away from a souring marriage. At the same hotel is Charlotte (Johansson), a 25-year­old philosophy graduate whose photographer-husband John (Ribisi) is making a video about an indie band — and doesn't really want her around. Bob and Charlotte, both feeling inwardly lost and outwardly strange in Tokyo, while away long hours together in strip clubs and karaoke bars, and spend charmed hours talking and listening. They know that these are really but short magical moments — but where there's magic, there's hope.  For this, her second movie, Sofia Coppola wrote the role of Bob for Bill Murray. When she finally tracked him down, all he would say was that he was 'inclined' to make the film — and then appeared on the day before shooting started in Tokyo. What followed was a new and wondrous Bill Murray. Both the acerbic grouch and unwilling romantic of Groundhog Day (1993) are there, but none of the Murray comic schtick. It's all available, however — that massive reservoir of comic talent lies just below this minimalist, romantic comedy of manners. Coppola creates a situation in which a sad Bob and a confused Charlotte can be safe with each other, where they can relax and find real laughter.