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Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2  (2003)

IMDB Rating 8.2/10  111 min - Rated 18 Action | Crime

Stars:            Uma Thurman, David Caradine, Daryl Hannah Director:      Quentin Tarantino

After going AWOL from the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, The Bride (Thurman) is tracked down, shot and left for dead by former boss and former lover Bill (Carradine). Four years later she wakes from a coma and immediately sets out on a revenge rampage that starts with her old colleagues and builds inexorably towards Bill himself.  After six years without release, Tarantino looked to be taking a big risk by splitting Kill Bill into two parts. What fans needed was a nice big dose of Tarantino goodness, and now a film that sounded a bit thin to begin with was being stretched even thinner. We needn’t have worried though as each ‘volume’ is bursting with the rich details, cool touches and smart ideas with which Tarantino made his name. What’s more, by splitting the film into two he has been able to take different but complementary approaches to each part in order to wring out every last drop of drama. Volume 1 is a no-holds bared demented revenge actioner, all enormous set pieces and snappy one liners, whilst Volume 2 slows the pace, clams the madness and really gets under the skin of two main characters. In either case this is a seriously bravura filmmaking. At times we’re almost swamped by the swirling primary colours, dynamic fight scenes and beautifully rich scenery, but it never pushes you over the top and Tarantino is always ready to temper the chaos with a perfectly timed slow motion close-up (often switching to black and white) to diffuse the action and allow us to catch a breath. On the off-chance anyone has forgotten what an amazing filmmaker Tarantino can be, Kill Bill should provide a thoroughly enjoyable reminder.


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