Home Alone  (1990)

IMDB Rating 7.5/10  103 min - Rated PG Comedy | Adventure

Stars:           Macauley Culkin,  Joe Pesci,  Daniel Stern     Director:      Chris Columbus

The McCallister clan have gathered in Peter and Kate's Chicago prior to flying off to spend Christmas in Paris. In the chaos of leaving, they overlook Kevin (Culkin). Once in the air, his absence is noticed but snowstorms prevent his distraught mother from getting back to him. Kevin can't believe his luck. He watches forbidden videos, eats his favourite junk food, rifles through his brother's things and sleeps in his parents' bed. He does get scared, and when two burglars, Harry and Mary (Pesci and Stern) decide to break into the house he gets really scared. However, courage and resourcefulness come to the fore as he devises elaborate and painful booby traps to deter them. However, by the time his family do get home, he's very pleased to see them. Macaulay Culkin had already appeared in a couple of films, but his extraordinarily self-possessed and all-encompassing performance in Home Alone launched him to child superstardom. He earned $100,000 for the film; by the time he made Home Alone 2 (1992) he was commanding $5 million. John Hughes, who'd already snared the teenage market (e.g. The Breakfast Club, 1985), both wrote and produced this massive Christmas hit. It did what it set out to with maximum hilarity, and Culkin was the cutest kid on the block for a long time. Indeed, Home Alone, at that time, earned an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Highest Comedy Box-Office-Grosser with international earnings of $533 million.