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Ju-on: The Grudge  (2002)

IMDB Rating 7.5/10  92 min - Rated 15 Horror | Thriller

Stars:            Megumi Okina,  Misaki Ito,  Misa Uehara   Director:      Takashi Shimizu

"Ju-on: The Grudge" is a very scary horror movie, based on a Japanese legend. In the beginning of the film, there is an explanation in this regard. When a person is killed in a violent way, his or her death generates a curse that will stay in the place where the crime took place. If another person visits the haunted place, he or she will be chased by the fiends till death generating another curse. In Western cultures, the fiend is generally trapped in a haunted house, and the person is safe and sound if he or she escapes from the place. This movie impresses because there is no bloody scene, only a tense psychological exploration of the inner fear of human beings for the unknown. The story is very simple and low paced, there are very few special effects, a great use of sound, no gore, but the creepy atmosphere is really frightening. Asiatic cinema proves again that in this moment their cinema is the number one in the horror genre. Unfortunately, the pretentious Hollywood movie industry insists in remaking and spoiling these Asian masterpieces.