Green Card (1990)

IMDB Rating 7.5/10  107 min - Rated 15 Romance | Comedy

Stars:            Gerard Depardieu,  Andie MacDowell          Director:      Peter Weir

Bronte Mitchell (MacDowell) and Georges Faure (Depardieu) have been brought together by Fate (in the guise of a friend of both). Bronte, an inner-city horticulturist, needs a husband in order to get a wonderful apartment-with-greenhouse but for couples only in Manhattan. Georges needs a green card visa that will allow him to stay and work in the USA. They decide they will get married for these reasons only and then go their separate ways. Unfortunately, more is required: they must be seen to be living together. For a whole weekend, Georges has to run the gauntlet of her parents, boyfriend and fussiness, while she has to endure smoking and garlic. Perhaps getting married is not the easiest way to start a romance.  Green Card was launched on the suggestion that 'If you liked Pretty Woman, give Green Card a try.' Andie MacDowell was even cover-featured under the strapline: 'This year's Pretty Woman?' The people who did go to see Green Card because they loved Pretty Woman were probably disappointed. Both films focus on a very unlikely pair of people finding their way in the early days of a relationship. Pretty Woman, however, has Julia Roberts doing an Eliza Doolittle amid the top echelons of society, with all the glamour that entails. Green Card, on the other hand, has Depardieu's boundless French charm and the cheery understanding that he is 'too oaf' for Bronte — but 'oaf' is exactly what she needs.