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Glengarry Glen Ross  (1992)

IMDB Rating 7.9/10  100 min - Rated 15 Drama | Crime

Stars:            Al Pacino,  Jack Lemmon,  Alec Baldwin   Director:      James Foley

Estate agents are often at the receiving end of ranting tirades about time wasting, money-grabbing and superficiality. Here we get to see behind the scenes of one particular agency and discover that the smiles are fake, the confidence erroneously bolstered and the big bucks elusive, to say the least.  Based on a play by David Mamet who based his play on his own experiences, Glengarry, Glen Ross is a sad tale of desperate men trying to sell real estate to people who don't want to buy it. The rules of supply and demand are disproportionately unbalanced against these pitiable individuals as they sell their very souls for the possibility of a commission. The leads are out of date, but it's all they have to go on, so they plod on with the cold-calling, hoping for a miracle. When Blake (Baldwin), the man with the silver sales tongue, arrives in the office to announce a new contest, they only sink lower into their mire of despondency as, this time, their jobs are on the line; win and you get a Cadillac, lose and you're out.  With its all-star cast, this film couldn't fail but to procure a certain positive following, however this doesn't necessarily result in timeless appreciation. What Foley and his cast have achieved is that perfect combination of talent and altruistic acting, which allows each man's ability to really shine and bring the piece together, without ever focusing too specifically on the stars behind the characters.