Ghost  (1990)

IMDB Rating 7.6/10  127 min - Rated 12 Romance | Fantasy

Stars:            Patrick Swayze,  Demi Moore,            Director:      Jerry Zucker

Sam (Swayze) and Molly (Moore) are very much in love. On their way home one night, a mugger shoots him. On regaining consciousness, he discovers that there are a lot of strange people about, and some of them walk through walls. Gradually, the 'people' he meets show him that he's a) dead, b) a ghost and c) still about because he's got a job to do. By skulking around he learns that he was intentionally murdered because he was about to uncover a crime committed by his friend Carl (Goldwyn), and now Molly is in danger. He finds pseudo-psychic Oda Mae (Goldberg), and has to discover a way to show her that she can understand him — and help Molly.  Ghost is a very sensual movie. Both Moore and Swayze have had some goodly experience doing 'sensual', and it very much pays off here. The Twilight World of ghosts is great fun. There are clever ghosts, evil ghosts, well-meaning ghosts, beginner ghosts, and ghosts that are just as useless at it as they have ever been. Ghost allows Whoopi Goldberg to be hilariously and Oscar-winningly splendid, and there is a to-die-for romantic ending.