Enter the Dragon (1973)

IMDB Rating 7..7/10  102 min - Rated 18 Action | Drama

Stars:            Bruce Lee,  John Saxon,  Jim Kelly            Director:      Robert Clouse

A martial arts expert (Lee) is hired by an intelligence agency to uncover the criminal activities of Mr Han  who sponsors a martial arts’ competition set on an island near Hong Kong. Lee infiltrates the competition and teams up with two other agents to avenge his sister’s death and to destroy Han’s drugs and prostitution ring.  Enter the Dragon is a lurid seventies spectacle which succeeded in adapting elements of the highly popular Bond films - Lee’s infiltration of an island fortress, the manic super-villain Mr Han – to the grind-house genres of exploitation and Kung-fu movies, bringing Hong Kong action cinema to an international audience.  With several tournament fight-scenes, a cat burglar sequence and climatic showdown set in a hall of mirrors between Lee and Mr Han, this was the work that made Lee a legend, largely because it was his last completed film. Lee died, aged 32, before the film was released, but Enter the Dragon remains a highly influential cult precursor of the recent renaissance of martial arts’ films.