dirty dancing.jpg

Dirty Dancing  (1987)

IMDB Rating 7.6/10  100 min - Rated 15 Romance | Musical

Stars:            Patrick Swayze,  Jennifer Grey,  Jerry Orbach  Director:      Emile Ardolino

It's the summer of 1963. Frances 'Baby' Houseman (Grey) is on holiday with her family in a Catskills resort. The activities on offer seem very tame until she hears pulsating music coming from the staff lodge. Inside, there's some steamy dancing going on, and the steamiest dancer is Johnny Castle (Swayze), the resort dance instructor. When Johnny's partner has to rest up —after an unwanted pregnancy (not Johnny's fault) and a botched abortion, Baby offers to help him out, dance-wise, and the two get close — and steamy. Baby's father then gets Johnny fired, but will he find a way to return before the big dance contest?  Dirty Dancing's soundtrack really took off. `(I've Had) The Time of My Life', 'Hungry Eyes', and 'She's Like the Wind' could be responsible for Karaoke. Swayze and Grey certainly have chemistry — and she manages to convince the world she, as Baby, is only 17 (not 27). For girls, this is a deeply romantic film, and one to watch over and over again. The most romantic moment is when Johnny says to Baby, 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner!'. Then, if you're a girl, you burst into tears.