Die Hard (1988)

IMDB Rating 8.3/10  131 min - Rated 15   Action | Thriller

Stars:            Bruce Willis,  Alan Rickman,  Bonnie Bedelia   Director:      John McTiernan

During a Christmas trip to Los Angeles, New York cop John McClane (Willis) is trapped in a skyscraper when a group of terrorists occupy the building. His wife (Bedelia) is among the group captured by the charismatic terrorist leader (Rickman). McClane is all that stands between the hostages and their captors.  In the language of the ‘high-concept’ pitch beloved of 80s Hollywood Die Hard, with its combination of gung-ho action and skyscraper-set peril, could be described as ‘Rambo meets The Towering Inferno. This was the first of three films – Die Hard II (1990) and Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) would follow – in which Willis established himself as one of Hollywood’s principal vest-wearing, gun-toting action men, having previously been best known for playing a smirking private-eye in the US television series Moonlighting. But alongside the cat-and-mouse interplay between Willis’ resourceful, wise-cracking cop and Rickman’s suave and ruthless terrorist, it’s the building that’s the star. The lift shafts, heating ducts and sheer glass facades of the Nakatomi Corporation’s high-rise HQ become the setting for a catalogue of violent confrontations, high-adrenalin stunts and huge explosions.

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