Devil's Advocate  (1997)


IMDB Rating 7.6/10  144 min - Rated 18 Thriller | Drama

Stars:            Keanu Reeves,  Al Pacino,  Charlize Theron   Director:      Taylor Hackford

This is one of the most intensely dark and beguiling movies ever made. The purpose behind it is to create a moral drama about the fight between good and evil in a man, or the devil's everlasting quest to conquer man's soul.  We follow a young couple, played by Reeves and Theron in her first big picture, who move to New York from the south when he is given a job as attorney in one of the biggest firms in the country. We see the change come in Kevin as he is introduced to a world of luxury and pleasure by his boss, played by old master Al Pacino.  The ending brings a new, unpredictable and great twist to the story. The supporting cast is pretty strong, especially Jeffrey Jones who plays a senior partner in Pacino's firm and who first arises the suspicion in Kevin with his mysterious behaviour, and Connie Nielsen as Cristabella, an extremely hot Italian colleague who is the very symbol of temptation. Nielsen looked even better here than in "Gladiator" and her performance is also more interesting. Charlize Theron displayed her range here for the first time, showing she had a great potential to become a star with her mix of ethereal beauty and acting talent. Reeves is also very good as the hotshot attorney and his looks elevated his macho hero potential. Al Pacino didn't disappoint, but his performance here counts as one of his least spectacular.  This is a dark movie with elements of horror and some gore and sex thrown in for good measure.  Taylor Hackford has never done it better. He gives us something to ponder on while entertaining and scaring us at the same time. It is a film one can't forget.