The Departed  (2006)

IMDB Rating 8.5/10  151 min - Rated 18 Crime | Thriller

Stars:            Matt Damon,  Leonardo DiCaprio       Director:      Martin Scorcese

Billy Costigan (DiCaprio), a young police cadet, is placed undercover in a Boston crime organization run by gangster Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). But Costello has had the same idea and signed up promising young gangster Colin Sullivan (Damon) to the police force.  At first glance The Departed looks like it could be little more than a strategic exercise for a legendary director in need of a commercial hit. The story is lifted from hit Hong Kong thriller Infernal Affairs, the cast is littered with some of the world's most popular movie-stars and the style is modern and accessible. But Martin Scorsese never makes movies by numbers and though at first glance he looks to be playing safe, The Departed is actually his most ambitious and accomplished film in years.  A story with two characters who are diametrically opposed in their nature, but who must play against that nature, provides plenty of opportunity to examine what makes a bad person bad and a good person good. Scorsese doesn't miss a trick and is relentless when it comes to exposing the flaws and facets of human nature. His determination requires some serious heavy lifting from his two young stars, both of whom deliver the best performances of their careers so far. With the serious acting taken care of the rest of the cast seem to be enjoying themselves immensely. Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg are better than they've been in years, as is Jack Nicholson, who appears to relish working with Scorsese, an inaugural collaboration that must have been at the top of many a cinephiles wish list for decades