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Das Boot  (1981)


IMDB Rating 8.6/10  149 min - Rated 18 War |  Adventure

Stars:            Jurgen Prochnow,  Herbert Gronemeyer           Director:      Wolfgang Peterson

In 1941, the Gelman submarine fleet is heavily engaged in the Battle of the Atlantic to harass and destroy English shipping. One such U-boat goes on a dangerous mission from La Rochelle to Spain and back, threatened by Allied depth charges and air raids.  Das Boot (The Boat) is the most popular foreign language film ever released in the United States. The film examines, in almost documentary detail, how these submariners maintained their professionalism, attempting to accomplish impossible missions, while all the time attempting to understand and obey the ideology of the government under which they served. At $12 million, the most expensive German film to date is a compendium of every submarine movie ever made, with all the expected claustrophobic horrors.  The main interest is not only in seeing the war from the German point-of-view, although most of the crew are 'good' Germans — there is only one despised Nazi on board — but also in the spectacular handheld camerawork, accurately depicting conditions under water. It lives up to the director's desire 'to show the gritty and terrible reality of war and to combine it with a highly entertaining story and fast-paced action style that would pull audiences into the experience of these young men'.


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