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Braveheart  (1995)


IMDB Rating 8.4/10  177 min - Rated 18 Action | Drama

Stars:            Mel Gibson,  Sophie Marceau                             Director:      Mel Gibson

13 century Scotland. A Scottish rebel, William Wallace (Gibson), leads an uprising against the cruel English reign of Edward Longshanks who plans to take the Scottish crown for himself. His father died trying to bring freedom to the Scots when he was a young boy, so Wallace, with the support of Robert the Bruce, takes on the invader.  Hardly the last word in historical accuracy, Gibson’s directorial debut, and account of thirteenth century Scots taking on their evil British oppressors, is a wattle-and-daub epic of muddy, bloody battles. Gibson plays freedom fighter William Wallace as an ultra-macho mythical warrior, a resourceful military strategist and a martyr-in-the-making (dying on the rack, his last words is ‘Freedom!’, while also enjoying dalliances with a French princess (Marceau) and an old flame.  Budgeted at around $53 million and given an R rating for its scenes of ‘brutal medieval warfare’, Braveheart bagged six Academy Awards including Best Director. While the battle scenes are something to behold, the real interest lies in the way Gibson ups the ante in Hollywood cinema’s enduring fascination with the spectacle of broken, bloodied male bodies where narcissism and masochism combine to create the image of warrior-star. The next stop for Gibson would be obvious, The Passion of the Christ, the ultimate in celluloid bloodletting.


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