The Big Lebowski  (1998)

IMDB Rating 8.2/10  117 min - Rated 18 Comedy | Crime

Stars:            Jeff Bridges,  John Goodman,  Steve Buscemi Directors:    Joel Coen,  Ethan Coen

Jeff ‘the Dude’ Lebowski (Bridges) is an easy-going man. His life in LA is so laidback as to be almost flat. His answer to most problems is ‘Let’s go bowling’. However, when his house is broken into by two gangsters who pee on his favourite rug, he finds himself becoming quite angry. Then, when he discovers that they think that they are chasing Jeffrey Lebowski – ‘the Big Lebowski’ (‘Big’ as in millionaire), whose wife owes them a lot of money- he’s furious. The Dude sets off to demand compensation (or at least a rug-cleaning) from the Big Lebowski, only to find himself enmeshed in a series of events that span a kidnapping scenario, the art world and the porn industry.  The Coen Brothers’ zany humour delights in weird characters – or characters so normal that they’re weird. In this, their first, (and possibly only) bowling movie, Dude’s biggest bowling mate, Walter Sobchak (Goodman), is a Vietnam vet who attributes every cause and effect to life in the USA’s involvement ‘over there’. He does it when he’s bowling, and he does it when he says he’s not doing it. Donny (Buscemi), the other bowling mate, could be weird or ‘normal’ but we’ll never know as the mere opening of his mouth provokes the order to “Shut the .... up”. Another Coen-inspired weirdo is Jesus, a Latino bowler with a rare door-to-door mission.  Like the Dude, the Coen’s movie doesn’t really want to get anywhere, but it makes sure we are happy to bowl along with it.