Big  (1988)

IMDB Rating 7.5/10  104 min - Rated 12 Comedy | Fantasy

Stars:           Tom Hanks,  Elizabeth Perkins,  Robert Loggia Director:      Penny Marshall

Young Josh at 12, is just starting on the stage of being an awkward in-between. One minute it’s Little League baseball: and the next, it’s standing beside a blonde princess at a carnival fairground and being told you’re too short to go on the ride. In that moment of mortification, young Josh encounters a fortune-telling machine, and wishes that he’ll become big. The next morning finds him with a 30-year old body and a face he doesn’t’ recognise (Hanks). He runs away to New York with best-mate Billy and gets a job in a toy factory. So in tune is he with the company’s product that he is soon moving up the career ladder. Despite, however, the attentions of the attractive Susan (Perkins), Josh has begun to realise that all he wants to do is find the magic machine, and get back to normal.  Tom Hanks always played his 12-year-old Josh as a 12-year-old, and won a Best-Actor Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for his success. He was helped in this by Penny Marshall who had young Moscow play each of big Josh’s scenes first, so that Hanks could absorb the reactions and body-language of a real 12-year-old.  The director, Penny Marshall, provides the perfect pace for this film about a boy who just wants to be tall enough to be popular – but gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. The scriptwriters contributed the delightful story and dialogue that aptly illustrated the boy-in-man’s-body problems: On the occasion when when he’s told about a woman co-worker who ‘...will wrap her legs around you till you beg for mercy’, he innocently responds with ‘Well, I’ll be sure to stay away from her, then’.