Amelie  (2001)

IMDB Rating 8.5/10  122 min - Rated 15 Comedy | Romance

Stars:            Audrey Tatou,  Mathieu Kassovitz,  Rufus   Director:      Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Amelie (Tautou), an enchanting bubble of joie-de-vivre who lives in Paris, had a rather sad childhood: a mother who committed suicide and a father who couldn’t cuddle. One day, a shocking piece of news causes her to drop something that dislodges a stone in the wall of her flat. She there discovers a rusty tin box full of a boy’s childhood treasures. She finds the man that the boy has become, and is uplifted by the happiness she brings to him with the box. She realises that bringing people happiness is her life’s work and sets about doing this in a myriad of ways. Eventually, she is able to bring herself to her own happiness.  Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the director of the gruesomely yet exuberantly witty Delicatessen (10990), has, in Amelie, a truly unique achievement. When you mention Amelie to people who have seen it, their faces dissolve into the silliest of smiles, and words such as ‘wow’, magical’, ‘wonderful’, ‘beautiful’, and ‘happy’ fill the air. Jeunet, together with Audrey Tautou – a fairy with an alchemical wand – has produced a movie the like of which people’ haven’t seen before. It is joyful, romantic and charming. It sprinkles colour everywhere. This little gem of a movie pulls from the viewer a new kind of laughter – naive, not knowing – yet it never strays into whimsy. A flawless film graced by flawless performances.