Watch Amazon Prime from any country in the world

Amazon Prime is the fantastic product of and it is getting more and more popular for each day passing by. Back in 2013 they already had more than 10 million subscribers, and that is a number rapidly growing. It is still not as popular as Netflix, but it is still great and in many ways far better than Netflix.

I will divide this article into three parts.

  • How to watch your current Amazon Prime subscription from another nation?
  • How to get an Amazon Prime subscription in a country in which it is unavailable.?
  • Why is Amazon Prime worth subscribing to?
  • How to watch Amazon Prime from abroad?

Most people with a registered Amazon Prime account lives in the United States. In other words, it is very likely that those of you reading this article are Americans with an Amazon Prime account currently located in another nation of the world. There are also people with Prime accounts in Austria, in the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland, so this information will also be valid for you, telling you how to watch Amazon Prime from abroad.

Why can’t I watch Prime abroad?

As you subscribe to Amazon Prime in a nation, let us say the United States, you get access to all movies, series, music and services included in the Amazon Prime provided by This is a product available in the United States, but if you live in for example Spain you will not even be able to sign up for Amazon Prime, because it is unavailable in the nation. So, as you go on a holiday to for example Spain and want to watch Big Bang Theory or maybe a good film on your Amazon Prime account you will not be able to do so, because of copyright regulations. Amazon Prime only has the rights to broadcast products included in the Prime subscription to people located in the United States, so as you go abroad, you will loose those rights, even if you have a valid subscription. What a pity, huh? One of the screenshots below will show you what you might see if you try to watch Amazon Prime overseas.

What can be done to fix this problem and still to be able to watch Amazon Prime and enjoy your current subscription?

The solution is to get yourself an American IP address (or a German, Austrian, Irish or UK, all based on in which nation you have a subscription. An IP address is your virtual address, and it will tell any website where you are currently located. As you visit the Amazon website they will control your location, and if you are outside the nation in which you have a subscription, you will see an error message like the one mentioned earlier. The solution is therefore to get an IP address in the nation in which you have an account, and luckily that is very easy to get!

Get a new IP address and watch Amazon Prime

To get yourself a new IP address and to watch Amazon Prime or Amazon Instant Videos the solution is to use the VPN services of PureVPN. This is a great service and what they do is that once you subscribe to their services they will let you connect to their servers located worldwide. As you connect to a server in the UK your online traffic and movements will be made through that server, making it look as if it origins in the United Kingdom, and not as where you are currently at. In other words, if you connect to a server in the United States, you will get yourself an American IP address, and thus you will be able to “trick” Amazon Prime, and you will be able to enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription at once!

So, visit the PureVPN website, sign up for one month, six months or for a year, download their client and connect to a server in either the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany or Austria, and enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription in a few minutes.

If you are not satisfied with PureVPN, or it for some reason should not work, they do have a seven day full refund policy, meaning that there is no risk at all in trying their services. The refund is only valid if you have used less than 500 MB of bandwidth.

  • How to get an Amazon Prime account if you live in a nation where it is unavailable?

I will not write a very long answer to this one, because it is very easy and the principle is the same as when you want to watch your Amazon Prime account from abroad. All you need to do is to get yourself an American IP address, which you can easily get using PureVPN. Then you create a new profile and as you then visit with your new profile and with your American IP address (that you will get as you connect to a US server using PureVPN) you can sign up for Amazon Prime at once. Make sure to enter a US address on your profile (if you do not have one, just do a search for Walmart Los Angeles, Marriott New York or whatever, and just use that address information). As a payment card it seems to me as if you can use just any VISA or MasterCard, so it is not required that it should be an American card.

Once you have succeeded in signing up, just start watching Amazon Prime at once, and do not forget that you need to use the VPN connection in the future as well every time you want to watch your Amazon Prime subscription.

  • Why is Amazon Prime such a good service?

You may ask why sign up for Amazon Prime when there are lots of other good streaming services available online such as Netflix, Hulu and services provided by Google and Apple. The answer is easy! Amazon Prime is great, they have lots of new titles and TV series (making it much fresher than for example Netflix). In addition they will let you stream music as well, making it work kind of like Spotify, but you do not need an extra subscription for this to work. So it is both a music and a video streaming services at one. And brand new from September 2015 is that you as a Prime subscriber can download the films to your devices (not to Windows) and watch the film offline which is totally awesome and that is a function that beats a knockout on for example Netflix!

Besides these facts you will also get the right to upload unlimited photos as you subscribe to Amazon Prime, and thus store your images and photos online. You also have a two-day shipping for free policy and last, but not least, you will get access to lots of books and materials online for free in the Amazon library. For this to work you need to have a Kindle and then you can download one book for free a month.

I guess you are in a hurry already to sign up for Amazon Prime already if you do not have an account yet. Have fun and enjoy watching Amazon Prime from abroad!